perception of taste

Do you ever see a shop and think how have you managed to stay open while others which were much more useful and should have had a bigger market have closed ?

I ask this because I saw a shop today that has been going for years. A furniture shop, it has the worst furniture you have ever seen.  I will try to give you an essence of how awful this furniture is. It is hard because even when you are actually looking at it you really cannot believe that someone actually designed and  made it.  It is like some kind of mutant of faux white leather .  diamanté , and chrome.

It is the furniture from Scar Face. Biff from back to the future would have it when he is rich and basically Donald Trump.  Think Of Liberace and Elvis and Del Boy sharing a house. But worse.

I have known   this shop since childhood and always thought who buys this shit?  But that is the thing someone must do or the shop would fail. Either that or it’s a front for money laundering or something.  Ignoring that possibility I think what kind of perception do you have to find it appealing?

The perceptions we make are what we base our lives on our identities on and our reality on.  And someone’s perception will differ so much to mine that they would go into that shop and buy something for their home and love it.  Perception is just our brain making sense of the sensory overload we have each minute of the day. Automatic process and sub concision actions  are changed into thoughts and these become our reality.

So I can look at an object and you look at an object and we see our reality.  Made up  not just of sensory perception but experiences and beliefs. What we heard and saw as children and what we learn and forget as adults.

Much the same about then about politics.  I could not get my head around the battle against Corbyn.  in a nutshell he has sparked an interest in politics which has seen the party membership rise.  Under his leadership by elections and mayoral elections have been won.  He challenged austerity.   We have seen u turns on welfare cuts and all schools becoming academies .

But there are those who look at him and say he is not up for the job.  He is not a leader and is unelectable. They cannot give a clear definition of why citing that his communication is poor.  With whom? Not with me for he speaks to me very loudly.

It takes a bit of reading and research to understand this battle . I am a novice when it comes to the complicated world of politics and of being a socialist.  The understanding I have is basic but it is this.  We have a party of Socialists and of Labourists, a term I heard Owen Smith use in an interview recently which made me look it up . The basic difference is the labourisits are embedded in the ways of Westminster.  The connections and the favours.  The searching for the next step on the ladder. The looking for power for the sake of power not with what you can do with it.  The labourisits speak of being for the people but when push comes to shove they will fall on the side of capitalism and stand with the business owner not the worker.

The benefits of this viewpoint are obvious.  Personal gain, personal wealth and power.  We have to look no further than Kinnock and Blair for evidence.

Of course this is the idea of governance that has dictated for many  years now.  It is the idea of governance that is dominant not only in the media but also in the minds of many people, most of whom do not look for the substance of a claim but rather the persuasion of the spin.  They are not engaged in politics enough to look at both sides or to find out who benefits or to see beyond their own experiences and world.  They base a vote from information on the side of a bus.

And I do not blame them for after all what is there to make you engage ? The perception of politics is of boredom or of pointlessness. Nothing’s changes , it’s all corrupt , they care about themselves and their cronies.

However there is a very strong movement towards a new way.  People out there who for years have felt that there views are not reflected by any political party are finding a home.  After years of being put down and ridiculed they are being joined by those who are disgusted by the Westminster way.  They want change and will unite to support it.  They want people in power who will put them first.  Who will give them their union voice back, will not enforce contracts on them and will make business pay decent wages and give decent contracts so working families actually benefit from working not rely on food banks.

The thing is those who like the Westminster way are scared of loosing  power.  So they lie and spin and bully.  And the media supports them with bias and selective reporting and clever photography.

But they have picked the wrong battle.  And this massive movement for change is not going anywhere .  And the battle now is to give others the information and facts and encourage others to look beyond a headline and find out the hidden side of deals and election manipulation and personal gain and look to see there is another way.

Those who support Corbyn are being seen as bullies and thugs and taking over the party by threatening behaviour.  They cannot see that people are changing perceptions of socialism and seeing that we could finally have someone who would fight for us.

It’s like the furniture shop I spoke about at the start.  It has been around for years and I really think the furniture is vile.  And in truth there is a place for that shop and for those who buy from there.  I don’t want to shut it, deny people choice or the freedom to say the love it.

But I also know that taste is changing . And for some that furniture shop is all they have seen and it has been there for so long they are feeling they are on the outside looking at things they are repulsed by but see no way of change.    Those are the people to whom I would say that there are more choices for them and there is a way of changing things.  There are other avenues other furniture shops if only you open your eyes and look.

For those people I could hire a bus and take them to IKEA.  But it is better if they see a catalogue and them make their own way there and make their own decisions.  And feel empowered by choice.

We are passionate about Corbyn not because we think of him like people do of another with the same initials.  It is an overflowing  joy at realising there are others who believe the same things, who perceive the same reality and who want the same for all.  And we want others to join us because they can see it too.  And it is a joy that now is that time to fight for people who will fight for us.

So I am going to be writing and posting and talking about this so that others can make choices where before they felt they had no choice.

So basically I’m going to be an IKEA catalogue. When you choose to go there I can give you a lift.

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