If a picture paints a thousand words…

I have been looking at contrasting photos from today’s gatherings.

So we have the now obligatory pictures of the Corbyn audience .

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And then we have the Owen rally ……

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Now now it is easy to joke about the contrast in these images.  In fact it’s a little to easy. However there is a more serious message to take from these .

It shows you not just the level of support Jeremy has, but the level of active support.  People who will spend their Saturday going to a political rally.  Those who want Corbyn as leader want to engage, are engaging and they are doing it for many reasons. Mostly because they want that fairer society that he talks of and they believe he will deliver.

I don’t think we should be fooled by the smaller numbers at Owen’s rally.  Owen offers nothing  new , in fact he is basically offering Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas.  He does not inspire or excite.   He looks like a politician and he speaks like one.  He is not going to tell us we have to eat falafel and only wear organic clothing. He would defend us from our enemies.  No namby pamby diplomacy here thank you very much.  He is mainstream.

An awful lot of people like that.  An awful lot of people who are not engaged with politics enough to go beyond the evening news or the newspaper headlines.  Lots will argue that the MPs who have gone against him must be right and he is not a leader.  He is unelectable.  And those people vote in general elections.

So this is where we come to the nitty gritty of the whole Corbyn debate.  How can we inform others about Corbyn when it has been shown the very information that these people rely on has been biased against Jeremy from the start and has failed to be a reliable, informative and balance source for people to make their choice from?

We return here to the engagement.  Those who went and listened to him today have to turn into people who will work for him tomorrow.  We can all sit here saying we love him and have quirky mugs ( that’s a reference to myself you understand) we have to put the effort in.

It has been.  Don’t get me wrong , I can understand someone reading this saying hang on you’re just getting involved and telling  us what to do?  That is not my aim nor am I saying  it has not already been happening .   Momentum has been organising events and getting people together in once place and is doing a wonderful job.  So good in fact that they too have been vilified in the press.  So there are those Corbyn supporters  who have issues with momentum because of  a concept of the organisation that has been circulated.  However I do think personally at this time it is a good place to start and people should sign up .

What we also need is the support for his official campaigns.  We need to get involved with leafleting , knocking on doors, canvassing.  We need to become his media and share our information on his policies , his support for the workers , his belief and plan for the NHS.  We can do this on our social media with our friends and family with work colleagues.   This will take a lot for many as to be associated with socialism is becoming a loony lefty but we need to do this.  We need to show others that “normal” people support Jeremy and his way of politics.

If nothing else point people in the direction of other sources of information so look and read for themselves.  Point out the reports into his media coverage.  Tell them about the £25 charge .  Explain the recent court case to them and who is supporting Jeremy and who is against him.

So get involved.  if you have never been to a rally or never helped it’s ok .  Neither have I – yet.  But if you want a change in politics then it has to start somewhere.  It may as well start with you .