So this is the hashtag of the moment #wearehismedia

I am one of those people who have to call for their children to help me with twitter snap chat etc. So the hashtag thing is a bit of a new concept.

They roll their eyes and tut and I say I taught you how to use the toilet so think on and look sharp.

Anyhoo I am so glad that this is a “thing” as I really feel that this is out next step. We have to be the ones getting the information out there.

We have to be involved in canvassing , phone banks, leaflet pushing  rally attending event organising and generally explaining why we support him.

We all have to chip in,  what ever way we can however we can to get the message out there that Jeremy has policies, he has stood up in opposition and won, Labour is winning elections , gaining support in Scotland. So basically debunk the idea he is unelectable.

We are fighting the media we need to engage those who do not engage . But the passion and the strength of determination to have someone in power who will fight for all of us is strong and together we can really,  really do this.

The coup has backfired.  The lies have been uncovered and people out there are starting to listen.

Be the advocate of change by explaining why you will vote for him, gen up on your knowledge of what he has done and will do. Speak to people and listen to them and above all do it with dignity , respect , authority but not bullying and finally with passion.

Show them we are not thugs or bullies or cult followers but are decent humans who have had enough of the Westminster way and want a new kind of politics.

With Jeremy leading the way










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