We knew you would do us proud.

Before the rally started last night , and for some time after a picture was circulating on social media.  It was being posted as a picture of the rally and although I was dubious I thought that it could be .  It was an aerial shot of a massive crown filling the square and the surrounding streets.

A few things puzzled me about it.  Why was it so dark ?  Maybe it raining?

It was only when another person pointed out the open top bus I realised it was a celebration of a LFC trophy win.

I had been fooled , as many others had. No seriously a lot had it was not just me – honest.

As the night progressed it kept popping up until finally someone made a meme explaining what it was and to stop posting it as it made us look silly. At first glance I agreed with that but I have since had time to think about it.  And how we should have know immediately it was not a picture of the Corbyn rally.

Before I discuss that however I will discuss another night in the same square a few months ago.  It was an amazing night with a massive crowd of people who had come out to support and celebrate a massive victory.  It was connected with LFC but it was not a parade of another trophy .  It was a gathering to mark a more momentous event.

People were there to celebrate families and friends , a dignified and stoic group of people who embody everything that is good and strong about the people from the city of Liverpool.  They were the Hillsborough families and they had won justice.

As I sat in my home in London , a football fan of a different team but also a mum , sister, aunt , friend I cried as I watched them.  I have cried many time over Hillsborough.  As I watched it unfold as it happened.  When you hear the stories and what they went through.  Tears of anger and frustration and sadness at the tragedy that had unfolded that day.  But now it was tears of joy that those people , those ordinary people had not given in or given up and they had reclaimed the memories of those who died and could not shout from the rooftops we won.

The words were said that night “they messed with the wrong City” and it was clearly evident they had.

The justice won for the 96 made me happy but the result filled me with joy for another reason.  It showed that there was a cover up, there were deals done to hide the truth and the press was used to vilify not only the innocent victims but also the total population of that City.  It showed that despite the hoops the families had to jump through, the obstacles put in thier way they kept on and on because they were driven by a desire to clear the names of thier loved ones.  To see that justice was done so they could now rest in peace and the families could begin grieve.

The Hillsborough families are my heroes.  They are an inspiration and Liverpool came out that night in force to show that.

Last night there was another show of support for someone else who has been inspiring.  They came out in the rain to listen to Jeremy Corbyn.  The pictures of the crowd are amazing.  I have seen them on Facebook and Twitter and seen coverage of the event in the Liverpool Echo, The Guardian , The Mirror.

When I searched yesterday on the BBC and ITV news web sites , nothing.  People commented they watched national news and saw nothing.  I have spoken with people , outside the “Corbyn bubble” as they like to call it and they did not have a scooby doo it went on.

And it dawned on me how I should have know that those first pictures , showing the massive crowd , we’re not of Jeremy’s rally.

They were aerial shots.

Last night there were no aerial shots as the media did not send a helicopter .  The media ignored the rally and in doing so ignored thousands of people who were showing support for a leader they believe in and want to lead the Labour Party.  Imagine if they did and we could see that crowd from the air instead of having to rely on those who were there to share photos and videos. To rely on Jeremy’s you tube channel to watch and listen to what he said.

This is the leader of the Labour Party , the leader of the opposition , speaking to a political rally the likes of which have not been seen isn’t this country for years.  Is that not news?

We have had reports, we have had comments and last night we had the ignoring of this rally.  Why is there this bias .

Maybe it is because Jeremy would not do a favour for a media mogul but shelving an inquiry into the Hillsborough families claims and prolong their suffering for more years . Maybe that is the reason he gets short shrift from the media controlled by that mogul.

And maybe this is one of the reasons why those people of Liverpool , who have for years fought to boycott the publications of that mogul and can smell a rat a mile off came out last night in force.

And as for sharing the wrong photo last night , well that would have been embarrassing if the real pictures  bore no similarities.  But they did.  People mistook those pictures for the rally as we knew , positively and without doubt that the crowd would be massive.  We knew that the message of Jeremy and his plans for the Labour Party and what he has done already would be supported even if they are paraded by the media as a folly.

That is because the City of Liverpool knows injustice , it knows when someone is a fake and it knows the people who will stand up for them and will make sure they live in a equal society.  That is why the crowds were massive last night.

All this without an ice cream van in sight.

LIverpool we salute and thank you.

In memory of the 96 – may they rest in eternal peace and may their loved ones be comforted by the love and respect that thousands of people unkown by them have for thier actions, their bravery and their victory .
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