Nice conversation. 

So I have just got off the phone after a surprise call from my local MP.  Our CLP meeting is happening tomorrow and he wanted to discuss Owen.  

It was a really good conversation .  Pleasant and calm with respect on both sides.

Basically he explained some of the events and issues he had with Jeremy.  It was quite amazing for me , who has never had a call from an actual MP before , to hear from the horses mouth as it were his reasons for resigning and his issues with Jeremy. 

It was very interesting and I can see that issues with communication, following up plans, being visible at key moments are things that Jeremy has not been great at.   

I responded that I saw those things as internal party issues.  If he has made the wrong choices in staff advise and support.  Don’t leak that information to the BBC. 

I raised the now academically supported belief of media bias. I talked about those who plotted from day one.  I discussed the timing of the resignations and the staged on air resignations. 

But mostly I discussed Owen.  I asked him how I was to believe he would stand up for women when his mysogonistic gaffs are all over the Internet.  How calling himself normal whist standing against Angela Eagle could be seen as homophobic and also basically very alienating to those of us who are not “normal”. 

I said how can I trust a man who takes Jeremy’s ideas and pledges but his voting record shows he acts in a very different way.

How can I be sure that the words he says about privatisation and the NHS will be stuck to when he worked and has links with Pfiser ? 

And also , well he is just insipid. 

I also said that in considering all the moans and groans about Jeremy they all seem like internal communication and administration matters which could have been dealt with in a much more discreet and productive way.  For Jeremy and the party. 

He liked my analogy of seeing Jeremy as a football manager , well he has played six games and he has not won a cup he has to go.  He laughed at it actually. 

And I was very happy he called .  Because hopefully I expressed myself as a well informed, articulate , respectful Labour Party Member who happens to subscribe to the view that the Labour Party is a socialist party not a Labourist one.  He obviously doesn’t. 

And it was nice to have a discussion in which I was not insulted or berated or dismissed or have it closed off with a it’s no point talking to you, you brainwashed conspiracy thinking idiot.  I mean he may have been thinking it but he didn’t say it. 

He knows I am a hopeless cause.  And I am looking forward to meeting him on Thursday at my first every political event.  (Agoraphobia permitting ) . 

It must be frustrating when people are not listening to you.  It must be frustrating when you think a large group of your party members are making a mistake.  The question I have is who that will be a mistake for ? The people behind Jeremy Corbyn or the ones who want him out?  I have a very very strong feeling it is the latter,


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  1. Eevee says:

    Re: Smithy – why have a Corbyn copy when you already have the real thing? MSM hasn’t really answered this satisfactorily.

    Excellent blog.


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