Musical hall rewind 

There is an old song , which you have to sing in a cockney accent.  Think Nancy from Oliver Twist not Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.   It goes like this,

It’s the same the whole world over, ain’t it all a bloomin’ shame.

It’s the rich what gets the pleasure and the poor what gets the blame.

This could become something of an anthem.  I doubt that you would find many who would not agree with the lyrics.

It is not only a  song but also a way of thinking that is embedded in many.  With good reason.  We have seen preferential treatment given to those with money in the courts.  We are seeing business men who after abusing their companies finances are kicking their  heels in a  new private jet.

So the song reverberates in our head and we all think that is just the way of it.  People may moan in the pub ( if they can find one) and they may tut and roll their eyes  at the stories of elitism and cronyism.  And they think there is nothing you can do.

So how has this become the predominant thought in the minds of those who are getting the blame?  For this we return to the ones who have the most to gain from people believing that nothing will change.  Those who get the pleasure. We see those with money , and the power that comes with it manipulating the media , elections , public opinion and many areas of public life to ensure that things go their way and more money is made. Normally on the back of those without.

We live in a world that is saturated with information, news passing  by quickly. As soon  as one scandal finishes another tragedy occurs.  We can keep  track of it all and we don’t have time to stop and study and think.  We accept the picture shown on the news, the article on the Internet the poll in the paper.  And this where our concept of the world is formed and where we get our belief of how the world works and what has to happen and how we should react.

And we know of the political leanings of the press.  We know which sources we can trust.  Or so we think.

In my opinion the mass media we have today is the single biggest weapon of mass destruction in the world.

Strong words you might say.  However if we are to look at how the “news” is presented to us.  The use of clever wording, of subtle comments, or correctly angled pictures then we start to see that it is not news that is being presented to us it is an agenda.

This agenda aims to make the majority of the population live in fear of terrorism, in fear of the Muslim , in fear of the refugee.  It gives us cover stories for wars and aggression.  It portrays people who are fighting for basic rights as thugs and aggressors.  It promotes stereotypes and racism.  It presents lies as truth and the truth as folly.  It creates who we see as the enemy and it shouts down those who want a different way. It promotes an identity , a belief, a position for people to take and be proud of and want to fight for because they are told it is threatened by others who want to destroy a way of life.

And it does a very good job of all of that and more.  However, for a long time now people have been catching on  to this.  They look elsewhere for the information.  They turn to the Internet.  They watch You Tube videos and follow blogs.  They find websites and groups.  Some even become creators of information.

And the media denounce it , you can’t trust it.  The Internet is evil and full of conspiracy believing tin foil hat wearing people.

Now I am not saying that you should believe either  one or the other.  I watch the news and surf the net and I find information which will help me to make up my mind.  Will help me come to a conclusion.

The thing is once you come to this conclusion you really can’t go back to watching the news in the same way.  And it makes you angry and frustrated. Because you know what is happening and how it is happening but others don’t. They dismiss your arguments and say you are paranoid. Even when you can show them evidence that they were lied to through the media and prove what you have been saying is true , as has been the case with the fallout of the referendum they dismiss it. They don’t want to be part of this quite scary place knowing that the desires and aims of a small group of people can be marketed in such a way that the population will actually support and believe them and help it to materialise.

So what has all this got to do with the price of fish ?

Jeremy Corbyn has been mocked, ridiculed , misquoted , vilified and ignored by the main stream media.  There is a bias against him.  His detractors get air time , even after it has been proven they are liars (mention no names Angela ” brick through my window ” Eagle)  His policies and ideas are seen as extreme left and to way out the for the British public to support.  He is mocked for his behaviour at public events , shown as unpatriotic and a light weight in terms of defence due to belief in nuclear disarmament and stance against trident and his talking to terrorists.

In short they are out to get him.  And three academic reports show that this is not the belief or feeling of those behind Jeremy but rather there is a clear bias against him and thee has been even before he was leader.

So what do we do.  We become his voice. #wearehismedia

The massive following that Jeremy has needs to unite together and counteract the bias. We need to show we are everyday people from all backgrounds and cultures , every gender and sexuality, differing social status and wealth.  And we want what is best for everyone in the UK not just those who have the wealth and control. We are loyal to this our country and to its people whilst also having compassion and care for those who are suffering as a result of the illegal war that a labour prime minister actually instigated. We want the UK to have quality education for all, for all to have a roof over their head and for no one to have to rely on food banks or be denied a quality of life or even take their own life due to welfare cuts and sanctions. We want everyone to have an equal chance at living a healthy life, and not one where poverty reduces life expectancy.

We do not want a system of private insurance health care.  We want to save the NHS and ensure that its staff are valued and their morale is high.  We want people to have access to care and medication.  We want there to be better mental health services so people and families are not left to suffer and cope alone.

We need to share all of this with those who “don’t do politics”or want to sign up to more of the same from a Labour Party of spin, lies and connections.  We want to bring back those labour supporters who felt alienated by the party that was created for them by those who took it and sullied its name through its Labourist belief system and   Westminster way of doing things.

We are strong enough to do this.  We will take the name calling and the derision. We will take the bias and the twisting of our words. We will take the obstacles put in front of us and throw them aside.  And we will change things for the better.

If you doubt this I will put forward one name.  Nelson Mandela.  Whilst Jeremy  was protesting against apartheid, David Cameron was involved in groups against him, going to South Africa to make deals to stop the ANC , and called him a terrorist.

The commitment and the power of the voices that stood up and said no.  Who brought it to public attention . Those loony lefties of the 80’s made a change.  In fact we all now know it was a complete turnaround.  So much so that on his  death David Cameron waxed lyrical about him.  Because he knew that the public had seen that this was a man fighting for justice and freedom.  And that the public would not stand for anything else.

So it is possible to make a change.  To fight against injustice and wrong.  And to make the public understand the truth despite the best attempt to tell them otherwise.

And that is what is scaring those whose life will change and who will have to stop treating the poor and those in need with contempt.

And we will be able to sing a different song and know that we have worked together for the greater good.


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