Stop funding hate

Just found this on Facebook and thought I would share. 

It is a campaign that basically tackles the hate spread by newspapers by asking the companies who advertise in them to stop – hence stop funding hate.

It is a social media campaign with petitions to share , pictures and videos to share and basically for it to do anything we need to get behind it.

I have stated before I believe that the mass media is the biggest soon of mass destruction there is.  With the evidence of bias and the agenda of right wing propaganda in some cases we need to say enough is enough .

We need to also become involved in changing laws so that when a front page headline is proved false the retraction is also a front page headline.

We need boycott papers so shops do not stock them anymore.  This is happening in Liverpool as it has been for many years since the lies that the paper ran after Hillsborough directly resulted in years of misery and battles for those families.

We need to bring all media to account and highlight bias and misinformation by complaining or joining together to voice our disgust .

We need to make it clear that we are tired of being lied to and manipulated, of false and incorrect reporting, of racism and xenophobia , of promoting hatred and biased views, of discriminating against many members of society through images and comments which can destroy lives. 

And we need to show this through action.

Please share this information , comment with how you think we can tackle this  issue, please post any other organisations you know who are working toward a society where our news coverage challenges our views not impose them, fights injustice not create it and brings all public officials to account by highlighting misdemeanours and success equally. 

I am not calling for a silencing of the press but rather a cleaning up of the press and an injection of morals and decency within a section of our society which does so much to shape it but very little to truly reflect it 
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