The NEC acted unlawfully

Five members of the Labour Party took the NEC to court.  They were funded by a crowd funding page. They said that the NEC were acting unlawfully in applying a retrospective ruling on who was eligible to vote in the leadership election.

In brief, at the recent NEC meeting at which a private vote was taken to see if Jeremy as incumbent leader could be on the ballot paper for this leadership election there was an additional issue raised which was not on the meetings agenda. 

This was raised after Jeremy left the meeting and some of his supporters had left.  

The issue concerned who was eligible to vote in the election.  

The result of this discussion was that anyone who had joined the Labour Party after January 12th 2016 was not eligible to vote in the election.  Anyone who wanted to vote would be able to pay £25 on two specified days to obtain the right to vote. 

This wiped off nearly 130,000 voters with the general understanding that they joined the Labour Party because of Jeremy and so would vote for him. 

To anyone without an agenda this was unfair and was quickly seen as a breach of contract as it clearly stated on the Labour Party website that a benefit of membership was the right to vote in leadership elections.  Just as the wording in the NEC rules regarding nominations were needed to be on the ballot was straightforward to those who were not trying to win by default. 

We all knew what was happening. We knew that the NEC and PLP wanted Jeremy gone by fair means or in this case foul. 

This was made even more obvious when the ruling regarding the 12th January was then applied to union affiliated members. It was then made even more obvious through the High Court challenge to Jeremy being on the ballot.  Which if you didn’t know saw a judge describe it as a waste of court time  and which Jeremy won. 

We knew what was going on when constituency Labour Party meetings were suspended.  Some CLPs were accused of intimidation and even worse of homophobia against a then leadership candidate, who must have amazing powers as she claimed the abuse happened at a meeting she was not at which was chaired by a mother who had just celebrated her daughters wedding to another members daughter. 

We knew what was going on when it took so long for the challenger to be named and we knew what was going on when we had Angela “brick through my window” Eagle and Owen “a normal radical” Smith come forward.  If you have every been to a football match and have heard the shouts of  “who are ya” aimed at a player then you know what was going through my head when these guys were announced. 

So we come to the finding of that court case today.  The NEC acted unlawfully.  

So twice the actions of the NEC have been shown to be wrong.  They have tried to create a leadership obstacle course rather than a race for Jeremy Corbyn and they have failed.

It is a great day for justice and democracy.  And it also a vindication of all who have said that this was unlawfully applied.  But most importantly it is a great day as it demonstrates that there is a way of fighting back.  There is a great deal of strength in the unified force of the decent ordinary people who stand with Jeremy Corbyn in his battles against those who claim to be on the same side as him and who have systematically abused, insulted, undermined,  labelled, and refused to accept as the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party. 

There is an amazing amount of power in our voices and in our actions.  And we have just as tough an exterior as Jeremy to deflect those slurs and accusations that fall at our feet daily. 

Jeremy has stood over the years for the rights of those who were seen as undeserving.  Has supported causes that were denounced by politicians and the media.  And in all those times he stood for what he believed in he was proved right.

It was not easy and it was not fair but he stood his ground and he made a change.  And this is what all Jeremy Corbyn supporters must do.  We must stand by him and with him and with each other in saying that no matter what you do to us no matter how you try to dull us we will roar and we will fight and we will see Jeremy as leader. 

So share share share again anything you can that explains and supports Jeremy.  There is no need now to belittle the opposition they are quite able to do that themselves.  Let’s take the higher ground and explain and discuss and show people why we are so determined and so adamant that we want him to be in charge and we want him to be Prime Minister. Explain that this is not just for us as his supporters but for all in this country and for future generations too.

And if you are reading this and you are unsure consider this.  David Cameron and Boris Johnson  bet their political careers on the belief that the British public would vote remain.  In doing so they showed how out of touch their were with the public.  How they ignored so many. They we caught in the Westminster bubble, fuelled by thier Etonian confidence, unprincipled and without morals  and embroiled in the battle for power.  They both failed as the public spoke. 

Do we really believe that this is the only calibre of person who can be electable. Do we really feel that behaviour of this sort  such at that shown by the PLP has anyplace in the Labour Party? Are you really prepared to vote for more of the same? 

Don’t be told who is electable.  Don’t allow those in power to make the rules so they are not challenged.  Don’t believe that nothing can change. 

Because that is exactly what the NEC, the PLP, the mass media , the Tories , the financial sector, huge corporations and even the bankers of Panama what you to believe.

And if they did not think he was electable why break the law to try and stop him? 


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