‘A matter of life or death

IMG_3725I said that this election was a matter of life and death to someone the other day. I was accused of being over dramatic.

I thought for a moment am I? Am I making everything more important that it really is?

Then I thought of the NHS. There already are signs of privatisation. Posters inviting you to pay £30 to see a GP and letting us know who they are now managed by. The underfunding which is being used to say we can’t cope with the budget of the NHS. Demoralising staff with derisory pay rises and leaving EU citizens who support our medical services unsure if they will be able to stay.  I thought of the ten minute appointments I have at my GP, the lack of mental health care, cutting back on diabetic test strips because government subsidy has been removed.

I then thought of ESA and PIP payments.  I thought of all those people who have died after being declared fit for work.  I thought of the mental anguish of those who have to go through assessments. Like me.

I thought of the terror attacks we have seen in the past few weeks. I thought about the cause of these attacks. The complete mess that has been the military action in the Middle East and the illegality of such action. I thought of the young Muslim men and women who feel alienated from our society. I thought of Saudi Arabia and selling them arms whilst preventing publication of a report on their links to terror. I thought of the cuts to essential services such as the police and fire-brigade.

I thought of the concept of using your house to pay for social care which basically results in those who want to give something to their children thinking a better option for them is to die rather than have the social care.

I thought of the cutting of winter fuel allowance and the deaths from hypothermia this would result in.

The free school meals which for some are the best meal they get.

I thought of the rising homeless population and the lack of good cheap housing to keep people safe.

I thought of those scared by childhood abuse by those in the files that were lost.

I thought of the death of the Duke of Westminster and all the steps he had legally  taken to avoid his son and heir paying billions in inheritance tax. Enough to nearly clear the NHS deficit.

I thought of Trident failing tests but this being hidden and the weapon which  cannot be used as a first strike as it is a deterrent. The millions that would die in a nuclear exchange which no one would win. That reminded me of the instant “yes” from the Prime Minister and the cheer she got for that and it made my blood run cold.

So yeah, basically I am not being over dramatic.

That is  why I am going to #votelabour on Thursday. If you are registered to vote please use your vote as well. Every one will count in this election and there has never been such an important one before.




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  1. Many thanks for your replies – I will say this reply is written without reading your posts as yet – hopefully will comment on those later.

    I think that the people who put faith in Jeremy Corbyn are aware on a basic level that when in power there are issues which will be incredibly difficult to change. I think however what they like about JC is that whilst he obviously is a career politician in the sense that he has got this far and I don’t think anyone who gets this far in politics can be whiter than white, he is someone who people believe would put the people before his career. The only way to know this for sure is to see him in power. This is in stark contrast to May who has made a pact with an organisation which has links to loyalist terrorists and who’s views are incredibly worrying for those of us who profess to be socialist.
    I think the people of the UK needed a focus – a person – like JC in order to destroy the “new labour” and actually have an opposition to the Tories which is something we desperately needed.
    What happens over the next few weeks and months will be interesting to say the least.


  2. […] it’s just wishful thinking on my part and on the part of others, (here and here for example) to put so much faith in Jeremy Corbyn. As I pointed out in my previous piece, […]


  3. barbrovsky says:

    It’s a real dilemma. Everything you say is true but… What are the real chances of Corbyn being able to institute even a tiny fraction of his Manifesto? Will it all end up Syriza style?

    I’ll repost your though, if you don’t mind.


  4. Much luck to Corbyn on Thursday. Many of us in America are following closely.


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