Where is Theresa May?

We have seen today the unbelievable horror of the fire in Grenfell Tower. 

The death toll will rise and families will have been lost. The community is amazing and the love being shared is quite moving. 

I live in South London and my aim is to donate what I can and to fight for a independent enquiry. 

However, I have to say one thing.  Jeremy Corbyn has made a statement and said today was for focussing on the event, the people, the suffering. Tomorrow was for questions. The interviewer pushed him on these and he answered that yes if ministers had failed they should be held to account and cuts in emergency services were unacceptable.

He has been said to be politicising the event. But we have to.

This event was predicted by the tenants and resident  associations for some time. The warnings and calls for help were ignored. The community and residents today talk of threats, social cleansing, the cladding, bad advice, failed alarms. People are in shock and are angry.

There has to be an independent enquiry. This has to be investigated by those not influenced by connections to anyone who may be involved in this event. 

However I have been amazed by the complete lack of any appearance of Theresa May.  During the general election when we had the appalling terror attacks we had, quite rightly, statements from Theresa May (although during an election and considering the issue it would have been better to have all three leaders present in my view). The podium was brought out and full media coverage given. 

Yet today, no podium. No speech. No Theresa. 

I can only conclude that this is due to several reasons. The general election is over. The incident happened in a social housing block. A lot of the residents came from black and ethnic minorities.  The Tory government did not act on the findings of the enquiry into the fire in a block in Southwark to install sprinklers in tower blocks. They have sat on this for years. They messed up.

She could not go and visit the area I grant you because I really don’t think she would be welcome. 

But at a time of grief for London and I am sure around the country she has failed in her duty as Prime Minister.

This disaster need not have happened and if we don’t look at the politics of social housing, gentrification, cuts in essential services and the failings of cabinet members to do their job and the response of Theresa May today then we are doing a disservice to the people of West London.  We also accept that we are putting thousands of people in danger. 

I think that she knows that this is not going to be allowed to happen.