Nobody left behind 

I am not a person to be writing a blog about the issue of BAME involvement within politics. I am not expert enough in this particular area nor can I talk of experiences or belief and understanding as whilst I am from an ethnic minority with its own issues I am white . I am writing this from a white perspective to a white reader as this is the only authentic experience I can write from.

I was disappointed at the level of support that a recent BAME rally received recently where Jeremy Corbyn was a key speaker and I felt that I wanted to write about this.

You may or may not be aware but the number of people eligible to vote from Black and Minority Ethnic groups is estimated at 4 million but 30% are not registered to vote.

That is over a million voters.

These are not people who are not going to the polls these are people who have no vote. And to be totally honest I can see why. The last general election the turn out was low. Very low. I voted as I do in every election voting for labour out of loyalty and a deep rooted distrust and possibly hatred (a strong word but think it is right) for all that the Tory party stands for. I was not happy with the Labour Party as I really felt that the middle ground politics, the stereotypical leader, the general lack of real opposition they offered was not screaming to me that a labour government would really be that different. In the minds of so many the legacy of Tony Blair is not what he did that was good but his taking us into an illegal war. And in the minds of many there is no point to voting at all.

The fact that the turnout was so low should worry us. Why are people not involved or engaged? What can we do about it? Just using common sense sociology a quick survey of people around us at work , in our families and community it won’t be long before you will hear the phrase “ I don’t do politics” . My response to you is normally well it is certainly doing you right up the …… But I digress. A look on Facebook can tell you with the I don’t want to see any more political view memes and the I’m sick of politics comments would confirm a body of people who are totally disengaged and remote from anything that goes on in politics.

So what are the political parties doing to engage us?. Well very little. Those who turnout are those who are set in their ideas about their political stance. Those who are not are the disenfranchised and those who really have too much going on in their lives to worry themselves about voting. Those who are not voting are the ones who think that their voice is silent anyway. Those who feel they do not belong. They are the masses and its best they don’t get their say. We can continue to ignore them because they will not have an impact on us getting into power anyway.

Then along comes the referendum. And the turnout on that is huge. Why?

Again our common sense sociology comes into play. Firstly it was a first past the post yes or no vote about an issues that a lot of people felt passionate about. Secondly it was something where people felt that they could actually tell the government exactly what they wanted. It was a voice for those who felt voiceless. And they spoke. And for some reason it shocked the government it shocked the press and it shocked those who voted for change.

And it was a vote based for many on misinformation , misunderstandings , rhetoric , personality and lies. It has released the cork of those who kept their racism bottled up as we see the rise xenophobia and racism. It has left people in limbo as to their rights to stay here. It cause the resignation of one prime minister and the creation of Maggie 2. It caused people to question democracy because the result did not go their way. And it highlighted that given the right circumstances people will engage and will vote.

Now what has this got to do with BAME? Like I said earlier imagine another million votes in this referendum. Imagine another million votes in the general election. Imagine another million voices speaking for a very underrepresented community within politics?

Imagine if it was seen that the voices of the BAME communities in this country counted and meant something to the politicians of this country and that they would be listened to and not ignored? Then we would see issues properly addressed, a more representative government, a movement for change.

Now before you say that the same is true of the voices of every community neglected by successive governments I will say this. There are times in life when you have to narrow down a big problem in order to address what it actually means for each group involved. In society sometimes the reality of existence within it of issues and problems that affect all in different measure has to be highlighted as a separate campaign because to lump it into one group will mean that the problem will be solved to the agenda of one group over another. And in most cases of social issues it is the white issue that is focussed on and is seen as dominant. Solving the white issues however means that a lot of people continue to feel disenfranchised and the issues become their problems, the root cause of issues their behaviour and their attitudes. It ignores the background, the affect, the problems unique to their community which are unseen and unfelt by those outside. Then the very forces who think they are helping all are actually reinforcing the oppressions which they think they are lifting. Hence black lives matter is not saying only black lives matter but highlighting the very real experiences of the feeling, endorsed by society and condoned by law enforcement of the life of black males especially being of no worth. Saying all lives matter in answer to this hides this issues and again we ignore what is ongoing turning the issue onto the very community in fear of the police and loosing their men.

As I stated before I am not the person to speak on behalf of the BAME community. The people to do this are those who organise the rallies who run the campaigns and who understand what particular issues affect people’s engagement with politics. What we can do however is listen to them. Understand what we can do to help by becoming involved in theses causes but not to try and take them over. By advertising their existence and sharing their information. And most importantly we stand beside them. We fight with them. We use the privileges we have to make their voices heard.

My children are mixed ethnicity. I’m white Irish their father Black British. I have argued with them about racism I have disagreed with them about racism until finally I listened to them about racism. I have understood that through institutionalised racism and white privilege everyday behaviour , the things we take for granted, and the things we look at and think what’s your problem here are not imaginations or complaints and excuses. They are real and oppressing and at times very disturbing. It is hard to hear this when you yourself are not racist in your opinions and you hope your actions. But in order to change this we need to accept that there is a different world out there for BAME communities. They are the ones experiencing it every day and they are the ones we need to stand next to, listen to, support to ensure that every person has a voice they feel is valid.

So the next time you see something organised by BAME labour or the next time there is a petition regarding a BAME issue get involved. Stand and talk to people attending them to discover why we need these organisations and groups. Prepare to hear things that will be alien to you beliefs and even shakes your own identity but listen and understand. And show that you want everyone in this country to have a say, to feel empowered, to feel they belong.

And do your bit on social media. Share positive stories about the BAME communities as they get short shrift in the media. Highlight discrimination and stand against it. Learn about the true causes of poverty, homelessness, deprivation in this country and spread these to people you know so the blame is lifted from the immigrant to the feet of those it belongs to, the people who the lowest turnout in a very long time elected into power , possibly illegally.

Work against Islamaphobia, xenophobia, racism in every aspect of your life and do it not because it makes you look a better person but because it is what you want from your soul, the right of every human on this planet to be treated as such. Look inward before you look out and let’s make sure we are all working for each other in every community.

And we can all unite now behind a massive movement, that of supporting Jeremy Corbyn who stands for everyone In every community. To change landscape of politics so everyone can see that they have something to vote for. Someone who speaks at rallies who has supported the causes of those standing against racism who understand the politics of the oppressed and the oppressors and has done so all his life. We can reclaim the Labour Party so that it becomes the party who stands up for all who need support rather than those who pay the most money. Those fighting Jeremy are unaware of the social shift that has been brought about by the awakening of the masses to politics. Those who are are frightened as this will mean the end of their privilege. These masses need to include members of the BAME community who for so long have given so much and received so little. Their unique experiences need to be part of our new society and we need to stand beside them to ensure they are.

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Operation Black Vote 
Jeremy for Labour

Hear my voice

So we have today a lovely piece in the guardian today from Tom Watson.

Let’s just take a few moments here to digest the headline.  The article here.

Tom Watson guardian article
I thoughts about how to respond and I though how unfair it is that he gets to express himself in this national newspaper which I think to be honest is also having an existential crisis if that is possible for a newspaper.

And I thought about the response to and the events happened because of a recent blog I posted.

What’s the deal with this guy
My words inspired someone to write a comment which inspired many.  This then lead to the responder amongst other things giving a speech and my being asked to write for a website.

What would happen if that voice had larger audience?

Also today I read another post by someone like me.  Trying to calmly explain that we are not idiot or fools, we are not the ones hell bent of the distraction of a political movement that we love nor are we all coerced into blindly following one man like a brainwashed cult.

So I shared it on here as it made me think two voices are better than one.

But we have 500,000 voices.  Not all of them will sing with us but the majority would.

So here I will post Sarah’s response again to my blog and I am asking you to do something .  It is one small thing but we can make it massive.

Take a few seconds to like and then reply.  It can be a long or short reply .  I want to hear how you feel , why you support Jeremy, why you became interested in politics even why you joined.  No insults or derision , no personal attacks or hate.  Just why you want Jeremy as leader.

Let’s have a central collection of voices . Share blog posts and links so that all of this information can be put together so all our single voices become one and this can then be shared even more to show people who we truly are.

We have been demeaned and vilified for too long – we need to respond with a united voice.

Please share and post and reblog and Twitter and print and do whatever it takes for this to get off the ground and start running .

Thank you #wearehismedia

Sarah says:

July 31, 2016 at 4:09 pm

Hi there! Erm… I’m the woman in the photo! Someone recognised me and sent me your article (very surreal experience). I just thought I’d write a bit to expand on what you’ve said, to give a bit more insight to why I was so lit up.
Growing up, I used to ask questions about what I saw when my dad watched the news. My dad would say “shush I’m watching the news” and my mum would say “I don’t know, I don’t bother with that stuff anymore.” Any mention of something political and she would shut off with a look of faint disgust. As a kid I didn’t really put two and two together, but it made sense later on. That my mum had difficulties with mental health, that she had been prevented from being able to be employed by that and was placed under the additional crushing weight of poverty, trying to get together enough food to keep me and my brother well. That she had no access to any support and at the same time was labelled one of those council estate scroungers… what would that do to your faith in politics? What was the point? They would come along with their promises, rarely aimed at you in any case as you’re below the level they’re pitching at, and would break any designed to shatter poverty/inequality and improve mental health anyway. That’s the thing, even Labour had stopped aiming at families like ours. The rhetoric across all parties became increasingly aimed at those lucky enough to dream of buying a house, not those who struggled to buy bread.
Jump forward to me being a teenager, brought up to treat others nicely, as you never, ever know how bad a day someone is having, so you should try to behave like they might be sad. Because there’s no way of knowing. To have a deep knowledge of how bad things can happen that nobody expects or would will on their worst enemies and that those things can make life hard enough that basic functioning can be a major struggle. Knowing my mum was bitter about politics but that she was proud of having a daughter who cared about stuff, even if she wasn’t sure it would ever end up helping anything. I ended up with my own mental health difficulties, also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Was knocked flat out of education. Got a middle class boyfriend. Had to explain to him that he couldn’t just say I could help myself to anything in the fridge, that the idea terrified me (anyone who has been in a similar situation might understand that). Hearing his parents talking about politics and feeling hurt for not growing up in a house where politics was something to be discussed, not given up on, and feeling so very, painfully stupid. Relearned that I was different and didn’t truly have a space at the table.
Early twenties, and I’ve have been cajoled into trying university, discover I like it. Study sociology, as it seems to look closest at the things I find fascinating but don’t understand. Hierarchies. Intersections of oppression. Why I have always felt in some vital, essential way different and lower than my middle class counterparts, to those without illness. I learn about inequalities. I learn about micro-aggressions. I learn about it not being all my fault no matter how much my subconscious screams that I’m stupid in spite of my grades. Not that it made much difference, I felt no connection with Labour as much as I wanted to, as it wasn’t fighting for those who desperately needed fighting for, and I felt there was nowhere realistically to turn.
I manage to get a scholarship for a post-grad I could never have afforded otherwise, eventually decide academia is not for me for various reasons, then what happens? The world starts to feel like it’s turning on its head as it looks like someone that’s actually loudly talking about poverty, about mental health, about the benefits of immigration might get into a position of power. Can you imagine? I watch a video and here’s someone talking about how they always, even in times of great stress make sure they *make* time to do nice and relaxing things – promoting self-care for mental health. I see someone suggesting that they aren’t sure about a plan for single gender train carriages and that they need to look at more evidence and *speak to women* to find out if it would really be appreciated. I see someone saying they refuse to be involved in slanging matches, that vociferously campaigned against apartheid, that supported numerous campaigns in spite of them not necessarily being the best for his career. Helping those at the very very bottom is never good for your career. They don’t seem to have the power to immediately make it worth your while. They’re often disenfranchised and bitter about politics and don’t see the point in bothering.
I called my mum to ask her if she’d think about joining as an affiliate (if I sent her a bit of money to cover it) to vote for Corbyn as I felt he could actually do something. She laughed angrily and said “I don’t think so.” She had only recently written to Cameron to explain that the bedroom tax meant she couldn’t afford a winter coat. That there wasn’t a smaller council house for her to move to with her son. He explained in his cookie cutter letter that we all have to make sacrifices and tighten our belts. Can you imagine? Can you? Still, she realised how important it was to me and asked me to explain what I thought was so different.
My mum watches the news now. She watched newsnight even. She calls me to ask me to explain political stuff. She is engaged. She calls Corbyn “our Jeremy, bless ‘im.” But it’s not about just one person, it’s about someone trying to turn the oil tanker that is the Labour Party, trying to get it back on the course we need it to be, when we don’t have any access to the steering wheel. I feel like there might be space for me in the Labour Party now, and my mum. There might be more people who care as deeply and will let us in, not just tell us we’re naive, not tell us we’re stupid, not tell us we’re fanatics, not crow over bits of news reveling in difficulties the campaign has, not rubbing salt in that open wound. There might be a way to feel empowered. To allow my mum to feel empowered. I won’t have been the only one with a story like that either – I can’t tell you how it feels, but “unrestrained joy” comes pretty close.
That’s what was running through my head as I stood there smiling.
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Tired of the same old politics – by Tony Leigh 

The Labour leadership race is all over the news at the moment. My reason for writing this article is just to explain, calmly and rationally, a few of the reasons why I think Jeremy Corbyn is the best bet not only to lead Labour, but the whole of the UK.

Before you roll your eyes and say “another loony lefty, brainwashed by Corbyn”, let me explain to you a little about my background.

I am a 32 year old, self-employed electrician. I love football (I’m a Gooner for what its worth), music and going down the pub. I’m also a father of two beautiful little girls. My parents split when I was 3 years old and I have never been what you would call well off. I rent my home and at this moment in time cannot ever see myself being in a position to buy a home of my own. I have had to work hard for every penny.

I’m not saying not everyone does, but just trying to put into perspective the view many have of your typical “Corbynite”. It seems to me its only the great unwashed or the middle class bourgeoise that people think are backing Jeremy.

This patently isn’t true.

At a recent local meeting, I found people from many different working backgrounds, races, religions and nationalities. We all had one thing in common. A goal. To make the country we live in better for everyone. A desire to make politics fairer, to bring that to the entire nation, not just those that can afford Savile Row suits and second homes.

I hear people complaining all the time about politicians being out of touch, being self-serving, claiming unwarranted expenses. I could go on. The list is endless.

Well at this moment, for the first time in a long while, certainly in my lifetime, we have an opportunity to finally get behind someone who will fight for everyone. Who will fight to see everyone get a say in how we run the country. Not just pay lip service and spew out promises they have no intention of keeping.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s weak and unelectable” is a favourite of the media, but how can a man, who from the very day of being elected leader, has fought against not only his “enemies” (the media and the Tories), but also against his supposed colleagues and peers, be called weak? Its nonsense. Under his leadership, in just nine months, he has already changed the face of politics.

This change has become fashionable with the likes of Theresa May promoting values pioneered by Corbyn in her first ever speech as Prime Minister. Now, we even have Owen Smith taking to the platform in the leadership race with policies that Corbyn has been championing, policies that were deemed “too left and unpopular”. Policies, debates and a surge in membership that have been unprecedented and reawakened and invigorated those like me who were alienated from politics by “business as usual”.

In all honesty, I’d never heard of Jeremy Corbyn until he was elected leader. I too thought, this bloke can’t be Prime Minister. He’s scruffy, he’s too polite etc. I’d long known the media had an agenda and told us what they wanted us to know not what we needed to know, but I still bought into the lies. I paid a passing interest in politics because I’d been told if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the state of the country. One day that changed.

Rather than looking at Jeremy, I listened. I listened to a man, that actually wasn’t that scruffy, and heard him speak about a society that benefits the many, not the few. I heard a man saying the things I’d said for years, but never heard repeated by a politician. I heard a man speak that sounded like you and me.

Every time I hear Jeremy Corbyn speak, I feel the honesty in his words. Here is a man, I thought, that doesn’t say what he thinks everyone wants to hear. This bloke says what he means, what he actually wants to see happen, and none of it is about him.

People say that Corbyn’s politics and economics are vague, but many of those who criticise him don’t actually take the time to listen. I won’t bandy about facts and figures, but I know that proposing a higher living wage than both the Tories and Owen Smith, with fact based reasons can only be a good thing for everyone.

He has a policy to create 1,000,000 jobs in his first term in office. Real concrete jobs- manufacturing, trade etc. Things a working person can be proud of. He wants to introduce a fair living wage for all, which will enable us to spend and build the economy, rather than those at the top stripping profit and taking money away from our economy for themselves. This is a man that wants to build homes for people. Affordable, decent homes. Hopefully when my children grow up they can afford their own homes. With the current state of the country I’m not confident that’ll be the case.

Immigration is a huge issue for Britain, but I don’t believe that the problems we face are down to immigrants, as many would have you believe. There are masses of evidence out there, that for the past 40 years budgets and cutbacks to our essential services, schools, hospital beds, social housing, jobs, and so on, have been held back by a right wing Labour or cut by the Tories.

If we invested more in these areas, immigration wouldn’t be an issue. Migrants aren’t stealing your jobs, doctors appointments, houses. They’ve been stolen by people that want to gain more for themselves and their mates, without a care in the world for us.

Brexit has seen a peak in these thoughts, and that was all accountable to the Tories. Jeremy Corbyn has got a lot of stick over the Brexit result, but remember he made more appearances than any other Labour MP during the campaign. I still maintain, investment removes these hurdles and immigration would be much less of a flashpoint.
In closing, Jeremy is my choice to lead Britain to better things, because he is an honest man who wants everyone to succeed. Not just those with the money to succeed.
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If a picture paints a thousand words…

I have been looking at contrasting photos from today’s gatherings.

So we have the now obligatory pictures of the Corbyn audience .

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And then we have the Owen rally ……

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Now now it is easy to joke about the contrast in these images.  In fact it’s a little to easy. However there is a more serious message to take from these .

It shows you not just the level of support Jeremy has, but the level of active support.  People who will spend their Saturday going to a political rally.  Those who want Corbyn as leader want to engage, are engaging and they are doing it for many reasons. Mostly because they want that fairer society that he talks of and they believe he will deliver.

I don’t think we should be fooled by the smaller numbers at Owen’s rally.  Owen offers nothing  new , in fact he is basically offering Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas.  He does not inspire or excite.   He looks like a politician and he speaks like one.  He is not going to tell us we have to eat falafel and only wear organic clothing. He would defend us from our enemies.  No namby pamby diplomacy here thank you very much.  He is mainstream.

An awful lot of people like that.  An awful lot of people who are not engaged with politics enough to go beyond the evening news or the newspaper headlines.  Lots will argue that the MPs who have gone against him must be right and he is not a leader.  He is unelectable.  And those people vote in general elections.

So this is where we come to the nitty gritty of the whole Corbyn debate.  How can we inform others about Corbyn when it has been shown the very information that these people rely on has been biased against Jeremy from the start and has failed to be a reliable, informative and balance source for people to make their choice from?

We return here to the engagement.  Those who went and listened to him today have to turn into people who will work for him tomorrow.  We can all sit here saying we love him and have quirky mugs ( that’s a reference to myself you understand) we have to put the effort in.

It has been.  Don’t get me wrong , I can understand someone reading this saying hang on you’re just getting involved and telling  us what to do?  That is not my aim nor am I saying  it has not already been happening .   Momentum has been organising events and getting people together in once place and is doing a wonderful job.  So good in fact that they too have been vilified in the press.  So there are those Corbyn supporters  who have issues with momentum because of  a concept of the organisation that has been circulated.  However I do think personally at this time it is a good place to start and people should sign up .

What we also need is the support for his official campaigns.  We need to get involved with leafleting , knocking on doors, canvassing.  We need to become his media and share our information on his policies , his support for the workers , his belief and plan for the NHS.  We can do this on our social media with our friends and family with work colleagues.   This will take a lot for many as to be associated with socialism is becoming a loony lefty but we need to do this.  We need to show others that “normal” people support Jeremy and his way of politics.

If nothing else point people in the direction of other sources of information so look and read for themselves.  Point out the reports into his media coverage.  Tell them about the £25 charge .  Explain the recent court case to them and who is supporting Jeremy and who is against him.

So get involved.  if you have never been to a rally or never helped it’s ok .  Neither have I – yet.  But if you want a change in politics then it has to start somewhere.  It may as well start with you .





What is the deal with this guy ?

Just take a look at that picture. I challenge you to look at that picture and not smile.

The expression on that woman’s face is wonderful.  There is an unrestrained joy in that face.  That face is real and genuine and if just happy.

Happy because she is listening to words that resonate with her and ideas which she can support.  Happy because she feels that finally someone is speaking to her personally and saying I see the same things you do.  I get angry about the same things you do. I can do something about it.

There is so much more tied up in Jeremy Corbyn than politics.  The people who are passionate about him are so because he is a focal point which has inspired action and will inspire more.  The bias  media coverage of this man has been seen and recorded in three separate reports, highlighting that the news itself has an agenda and it is not one which is in favour of socialism.

What also makes people smile like this when they see or hear Jeremy Corbyn is that you actually know that what he says he means and he will work his hardest to get it.  He has principle and morals and he stands by these and that is something unique not normally seen in politics.  And that is why the woman is smiling .

She knows that finally to one politician at least she is not collateral , as Theresa May or Owen Smith may see the public  as both of them are so keen to push the button on trident.  She is not a person to be dismissed because of her sex. She is not just a vote to push someone into power.  She knows she to this man she is a living human being not a number,  and that is how he sees everyone around the world.

When was the last time you saw anyone create such a look on another persons face?

That is why we are fighting to keep him as leader of the Labour Party.

An analogy.


So the other day I was looking through the papers to see what new signings my beloved Arsenal were making.  As usual this did not take long, so my mind wandered to politics and some similarities in my support of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

I feel like I support a football team, with past glories and some not so good eras.  I support this team through thick and thin even when I question the way it’s run or the direction it’s going.

Suddenly a new manager arrives.  When he went for the job many said he would not stand a chance.  however he got the job and he knows the traditions of the club and he speaks of how he will make the club great again.  The fans love him and they start coming back to the club excited for the future.

The manager’s ideas are not radical as such but they are a big shift from how the team has been moving for the past few years.

The players however are not too sure.  Neither is the board.   It will mean change and it will mean having to look at things differently it will mean having any past misdemeanours looked into and for a complete change of attitude from some.

And the fans know he is being undermined in the dressing room and they know the board are looking for a way to oust him.

And they try – but the fans demand he stays

So a group of players leave, some with tears in their eyes, going to the media and telling tales of a lack of communication , of causing the return of discrimination , even of being a bully.

Many are convinced of this because of the coverage it gets.  The fans however, they see something different.  They speak of all the games he won and points he scored despite not having the full backing of the club.  They see him battle and stand dignified as he takes his loyal players and  tackles every obstacle and still win.

And the players who left are saying they could do better, and even say they could be manager.  The fans quickly highlight how many own goals they have scored and support for them  is not good.  Only one stands eventually but actually he is quite a new player who they got on a free and is only really in the team because he has links with past managers.

The players are envious of the manager and can’t understand why he commands such loyalty so they call the fans all sorts of names and accuse them of lots of unseemly things.

But this just makes the fans stronger

Until eventually the players start to see – he is a strong resilient manager and he has done amazing things with the club despite not having a strong team around him .

As thing progress some  start to realise they made a mistake , some that they have forgotten what football is about.  When it is all  work will be needed to make them a team again and some may well realise that the team was not really suitable for them so they get a transfer.

The manager however will still be in place and will be stronger than ever.
Alex Ferguson was nearly sacked at the start of his Man United career. But no one  remembers that now.



perception of taste

Do you ever see a shop and think how have you managed to stay open while others which were much more useful and should have had a bigger market have closed ?

I ask this because I saw a shop today that has been going for years. A furniture shop, it has the worst furniture you have ever seen.  I will try to give you an essence of how awful this furniture is. It is hard because even when you are actually looking at it you really cannot believe that someone actually designed and  made it.  It is like some kind of mutant of faux white leather .  diamanté , and chrome.

It is the furniture from Scar Face. Biff from back to the future would have it when he is rich and basically Donald Trump.  Think Of Liberace and Elvis and Del Boy sharing a house. But worse.

I have known   this shop since childhood and always thought who buys this shit?  But that is the thing someone must do or the shop would fail. Either that or it’s a front for money laundering or something.  Ignoring that possibility I think what kind of perception do you have to find it appealing?

The perceptions we make are what we base our lives on our identities on and our reality on.  And someone’s perception will differ so much to mine that they would go into that shop and buy something for their home and love it.  Perception is just our brain making sense of the sensory overload we have each minute of the day. Automatic process and sub concision actions  are changed into thoughts and these become our reality.

So I can look at an object and you look at an object and we see our reality.  Made up  not just of sensory perception but experiences and beliefs. What we heard and saw as children and what we learn and forget as adults.

Much the same about then about politics.  I could not get my head around the battle against Corbyn.  in a nutshell he has sparked an interest in politics which has seen the party membership rise.  Under his leadership by elections and mayoral elections have been won.  He challenged austerity.   We have seen u turns on welfare cuts and all schools becoming academies .

But there are those who look at him and say he is not up for the job.  He is not a leader and is unelectable. They cannot give a clear definition of why citing that his communication is poor.  With whom? Not with me for he speaks to me very loudly.

It takes a bit of reading and research to understand this battle . I am a novice when it comes to the complicated world of politics and of being a socialist.  The understanding I have is basic but it is this.  We have a party of Socialists and of Labourists, a term I heard Owen Smith use in an interview recently which made me look it up . The basic difference is the labourisits are embedded in the ways of Westminster.  The connections and the favours.  The searching for the next step on the ladder. The looking for power for the sake of power not with what you can do with it.  The labourisits speak of being for the people but when push comes to shove they will fall on the side of capitalism and stand with the business owner not the worker.

The benefits of this viewpoint are obvious.  Personal gain, personal wealth and power.  We have to look no further than Kinnock and Blair for evidence.

Of course this is the idea of governance that has dictated for many  years now.  It is the idea of governance that is dominant not only in the media but also in the minds of many people, most of whom do not look for the substance of a claim but rather the persuasion of the spin.  They are not engaged in politics enough to look at both sides or to find out who benefits or to see beyond their own experiences and world.  They base a vote from information on the side of a bus.

And I do not blame them for after all what is there to make you engage ? The perception of politics is of boredom or of pointlessness. Nothing’s changes , it’s all corrupt , they care about themselves and their cronies.

However there is a very strong movement towards a new way.  People out there who for years have felt that there views are not reflected by any political party are finding a home.  After years of being put down and ridiculed they are being joined by those who are disgusted by the Westminster way.  They want change and will unite to support it.  They want people in power who will put them first.  Who will give them their union voice back, will not enforce contracts on them and will make business pay decent wages and give decent contracts so working families actually benefit from working not rely on food banks.

The thing is those who like the Westminster way are scared of loosing  power.  So they lie and spin and bully.  And the media supports them with bias and selective reporting and clever photography.

But they have picked the wrong battle.  And this massive movement for change is not going anywhere .  And the battle now is to give others the information and facts and encourage others to look beyond a headline and find out the hidden side of deals and election manipulation and personal gain and look to see there is another way.

Those who support Corbyn are being seen as bullies and thugs and taking over the party by threatening behaviour.  They cannot see that people are changing perceptions of socialism and seeing that we could finally have someone who would fight for us.

It’s like the furniture shop I spoke about at the start.  It has been around for years and I really think the furniture is vile.  And in truth there is a place for that shop and for those who buy from there.  I don’t want to shut it, deny people choice or the freedom to say the love it.

But I also know that taste is changing . And for some that furniture shop is all they have seen and it has been there for so long they are feeling they are on the outside looking at things they are repulsed by but see no way of change.    Those are the people to whom I would say that there are more choices for them and there is a way of changing things.  There are other avenues other furniture shops if only you open your eyes and look.

For those people I could hire a bus and take them to IKEA.  But it is better if they see a catalogue and them make their own way there and make their own decisions.  And feel empowered by choice.

We are passionate about Corbyn not because we think of him like people do of another with the same initials.  It is an overflowing  joy at realising there are others who believe the same things, who perceive the same reality and who want the same for all.  And we want others to join us because they can see it too.  And it is a joy that now is that time to fight for people who will fight for us.

So I am going to be writing and posting and talking about this so that others can make choices where before they felt they had no choice.

So basically I’m going to be an IKEA catalogue. When you choose to go there I can give you a lift.

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