Notsoloonyleft – who are you ? 

The voice of a Jeremy Corbyn supporter which is woefully neglected in the mainstream media. Trying to represent all the others who are also wanting to be heard.

Wanting to see and support a paradigm shift in British politics which has the social movement behind it to happen. Anti Tory anti austerity anti injustice anti hatred anti racist anti xenophobic 

Think the mass media is the biggest weapon of mass destruction and believe in braking up huge media conglomerates in the fight for truth and justice and for everyone to be given enough information to think for themselves.

I do not support the killing of any individual in the name of land , religion , ethnic cleansing , the creation of wealth, the control of oil, the perpetuating of a myth, because of a stereotype , because the one doing the killing is a law enforcement officer, because of disability, because of hatred, because of a difference in opinion, to hide the truth, to corrupt justice, to progress in a political career, to enforce the domination of one state over another, to fulfil an agenda or under the guise of justice.

I stand for freedom of speech, debate, respect, understanding, supporting, and generally being a nice person , the kind of person who will help you up stairs with a pushchair or give up my seat or just ask if you ok and hug you. 

I find kittens cute but would also love a tank of piranha have selective eating disorder ( it’s a real thing look it up) and I have suffered from depression anxiety and agoraphobia. 

Was called loony lefty the first time round , love soul music and the comedy styling of Victoria Wood, Pete Kaye the programmes big train and the day today and find nothing worse and nothing better than finding something hilariously funny at really inappropriate moments. Have a sharp wit speak sarcasm as my second language swear a lot and also find double entendres in every situation and not ashamed of my immature love of toilet humour. 

A mother of four, been divorced and a single parent, had loads of dosh and also currently live on benefits due to ill health. I have an ambition to obtain a degree currently writing a personal statement to apply to uni for next year as a mature ( really very mature) student of sociology . 4000 characters to sum me up – bit of a struggle but will get there.

A born again socialist have a lot of making up to do – and will support causes as much as I physically and mentally can. Devils advocate on many occasions will look beyond the headline and interpret and examine the words pictures and information given to find the real reason behind the news – hate injustice with a passion will cry often and will often get very angry at my television.

Love football, support Arsenal,  and really would not change any of the many trails and tribulations in my life as they made me who I am today. 

Proud to be from South London, proud of my Irish roots ( Galway girl ) and fighting for everything in memory of my father , who taught me to think for myself, be proud of who I am, to be loyal, honest,loving and kind and to see the good in people but be no fool. Who made me laugh and smile, who would hug with meaning, would get angry when necessary and would cry with no shame. He gave me my smile, my ability to speak with anyone, to fit in any situation and to love the craic. 

I smoke too much drink too much tea – but i believe that love really does rule the world.